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Exhalting the Spirit of Greece since 1981

Maria's Tapestry - the Weaving of Melikos

Melikos took shape in humble beginnings over thirty years ago.  With a few spools of gold and silver plated wire, Maria unpretentiously created original pieces of jewelry, and with those she traveled across the country, showcasing them on a small table at Greek American community festivals.

Over time, the small business then known simply as "Maria’s Jewelry", began to grow by word of mouth, and year after year of her attending many Festivals.  Maria’s undeniable love for her homeland and discerning eye for timeless yet nuanced design was reflected in her creations and curated jewelry.  The precious collections sang with the spirit of Ελλαδα, the spirit of Greece, and its rich history. 

As demand grew, Maria’s husband, Leonidas, joined to help manage the growing operation, and they began a remarkable journey that continues today. Together, over the past 35+ years, Maria and Leonidas have nurtured this family business into the largest selection of Greek artisans represented in the United States and with numerous exclusive designs. They are particularly proud of the Love One Another Cross that they created in 2023.


Maria’s loyal and beloved customers recognize her talents in bringing pieces which are richly imbued with Greek culture to the U.S. marketplace, which is why they seek her out year after year (some for decades)!  For many of her 20+ Greek craftsmen, she is proud to be the sole representative here in the US.


Decades later, Maria maintains her family-owned and operated business with μερακι (an absolute devotion, an undivided attention, as a labor of love). It is because of Maria’s great passion for the beauty and symbolism of her country that she continues exploring all corners of Greece year after year, to find the most authentic and unique craftsmanship which captures the Greek ethos, from ancient to modern. 


Making a transformation to bring their business online, "Maria's Jewelry" rebranded as "Melikos" in 2019.  With the recent participation of Maria and Leo's children (and grandchildren), Melikos unfurled from a few spools of gold wire into a multi-faceted operation of new avenues, challenges, and also renewed enthusiasm, as they keep exploring new ways to bring forth the spirit of their homeland in richly unique artisanal jewelry, always made in Greece.


In September 2022, Maria and Leo made their final in-person appearance at the Greek Festivals they have been attending since the beginning of their journey, and made a toast to a new chapter of bringing the treasures of their beloved Ελλαδα even further, into the homes and hearts of a world-wide clientele that seeks the story of a culture, captured in evocative designs. The main offering of Melikos consists of handmade, artisanal Greek Orthodox Crosses, Gold chains, Gold rings, Gold earrings & Gold bracelets with unique and exclusive designs, that can match every need.


Together, the Melikos family takes great pride in making these precious emblems and beautiful works of art available to you, so that you might make them your own treasured heirlooms, a drop of the Mediterranean, a breath of the true Spirit of Greece, a testimony to the timelessness of beauty.


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