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Exhalting the Spirit of Greece since 1981

Zoom Wash-Thy-Sins Gold Band
Zoom Wash-Thy-Sins Gold Band
Zoom Wash-Thy-Sins Gold Band
Zoom Wash-Thy-Sins Gold Band

Wash-Thy-Sins Gold Band

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"Νιψον ανομηματα, μη μοναν οψιν" ; the Greek phrase meaning, "Wash away thy sins, not only thy faces". In Greek this is an anagram, i.e., it reads the same from left to right as it does from right to left.

Particularly famous for having been inscribed above a fountain in the courtyard of the famous Church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (present day Istanbul in Turkey) during the Byzantine era (395 AD to 1453 AD), this inscription appears in a number of Orthodox churches and monasteries.

In this demur 18K gold lady's band ring, the verse is written around the perimeter of a central cross, creating the face of the ring to be used as a seal. The seal is held with 2 large granules with gold wire wrapping at the top of the lightly hand hammered band.

Size in stock: 7.5    Please inquire about other sizes.

One of our exclusives.

Height 0.65英寸
Width 0.51英寸
Weight 6.3 g


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