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Exhalting the Spirit of Greece since 1981

Zoom Alexiad Greek Orthodox Gold Cross
Zoom Alexiad Greek Orthodox Gold Cross
Zoom Alexiad Greek Orthodox Gold Cross

Alexiad Greek Orthodox Gold Cross

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A lacy, solid gold filigree is set with Emeralds, Rubies and a heart of Sapphire.  Delicate hands have expertly crafted intricate wirework which continues onto the bale of this elegantly shaped 18K yellow gold Byzantine style cross.

Scrolling and open design, a narrative of color, flowing form and light captured in the intricacies of this precious jewel, named after a personal historical account of an Empire, written by Anna Komnene, Byzantine Princess.  The motifs of her Alexiad as intricate as this heirloom gem.  

This is a Greek Orthodox cross because the trefoil at each ending signifies the Holy Trinity.

Available in three sizes.            

Size Small Medium Large
Height 1.34 in 1.51 in 1.97 in
Width 0.8 in 0.93 in 1.22 in
Weight 2.2 g 3.4 g 5.1 g
Height 1.88 in
Width 1.13 in
Weight 4.8 g

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