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Valor of Herakles
Valor of Herakles
HK0306p Gold Hercules Coin Pendant _2

Valor of Herakles


SKU HK0306p

Zeus's last mortal son, Herakles (Hercules) earned his own prestigious fame for strength, courage and triumph over countless adversities and trials. 

Solid 18K yellow Gold replica of an Ancient Greek coin featuring Herakles (Hercules) wearing the skin of the Lion of Nemea (one of his feats).  The reverse shows a horse with the inscription Amintas (a name given to various Macedonian kings before and after the reign of Alexander the Great). 

The coin is accented by its encasement, adorned with discs and granules.  The bail opens so it may be worn over an omega neck band or a row of pearls.

Dimensions:  1.5” H  x  1.12" W
Weight:  15 g