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Exhalting the Spirit of Greece since 1981

Zoom Eyes of the Phoenix
Zoom Eyes of the Phoenix
Zoom Eyes of the Phoenix
Zoom Eyes of the Phoenix

Eyes of the Phoenix

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Creature of beauty and fire, a majestic phoenix is reborn from the ash, glistening flame and charred carbon are juxtaposed.  Dramatic dark and light, tempting sumptuous red and vibrant gold on contrasting links of silver with shadowed details.

Solid Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Byzantine Bracelet with faceted Rubies.  The gold is of fine filigree work against oxidized background which accentuates every carving and careful detail.  The rubies bring it to life with their rich scarlet hue, and a subtle reflecting of light.


Silver & 18k Gold
Stone Rubies
Height 0.66 in
Length 7.75 in
Weight 47.4 g

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