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Ithaka Armored

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Natural Pearls



Since Homer's Odyssey, Ithaca has come to symbolize a supreme destination, the aim of every man's wanderings, the sweet homeland, the eternal calmness, and satisfaction of the end of a lifelong journey.  Yet there are worlds within worlds to adventure and seek out while on this journey.  In the famous verses by Konstantinos Kavafis, we are heeded to treasure the voyage and the wisdom and experiences which are the true fulfilment during our individual quests. 

"When you set out for Ithaka,

hope that the voyage is long..."

Magnificent, hand crafted sterling silver and 18K yellow gold ring with granulation and  Archaic rosette as well as two 10 mm natural pearls or aquamarines set in movable bands. Museum adaptation; one of our exclusives, crafted especially for Maria's jewelry.


Silver & 18k Gold
Stone Natural Pearls or Aquamarine
Height 1.25 in
Width 0.5 in
Weight 12.3 g

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