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Rosette Kisses
Rosette Kisses
AG0100e Gold Rosette Earrings _2
Rosette Kisses
AG0100e Gold Rosette Earrings _3

Rosette Kisses


SKU AG0100e

Beautifully crafted solid 18K yellow Gold stud Earrings of a reproduction of the Ancient Greek rosette (Rodakas) symbol, embellished with decorative granulation.

The Rosette is an Ancient Greek symbol representing the sun, beauty, purity and power, as well as the complete cycle of life.  

Also a symbol used as a Filakto (protective talisman), this Rosette was used from the ancient Minoan and Mycenean era through the Byzantine era of Christianity. 

The number of petals of a Rodakas is espoused with specific meanings - 

4 petals- four elements of Nature, as well as the first semblance of a Cross

6 petals - the Sun

7 petals - the Seven Wonders of the World

8 petals - Symbol of Power - Lord, King. Also the symbol of Aphrodite and the Constellation of Sirius (Orion's faithful canine). 

12 petals - reference to the 12 Gods of Olympus, and in Christianity, the 12 Apostles

16 petals - the Royal Emblem of Alexander the Great and his Kingdom

Dimensions:  0.56" Diameter

Weight:  4.2 g