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Exhalting the Spirit of Greece since 1981

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Asteri Iroas Staff

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An exquisite solid 18K white and rose Gold double sided Cross.  On one side studded with diamonds and the other side plain simple shiny finish offering a dress up or a dress down appearance according to the occasion.

Diamonds have a very prominent place in Ancient Greek culture, and it was believed that diamonds were tears of the Gods, or remnants of fallen stars.  It is important to note that, in Greek mythology, stars are believed to be heroes who have earned a place in the skies due to their heroic deeds. These heroes and beasts were regarded as semi-divine spirits.

Renowned Greek philosopher Plato suggested that diamonds held mystic powers and that they were, in reality, celestial beings trapped in crystals.


14k 18k
Stone .87 ct Diamonds .87 ct Diamonds
Height 1.53 in 1.53 in
Width 0.85 in 0.85 in
Thickness 0.08 in 0.08 in
Weight 5.5 g 6.1 g

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