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Royal Mycenaea
Royal Mycenaea
Royal Mycenaea
SV9429r Silver & Gold Ring w/Lapis _4
SV9429r Silver & Gold Ring w/Lapis _3

Royal Mycenaea


SKU SV9429r

Square Sterling Silver and solid 22K yellow Gold Ring with a Lapis cabochon and a dynamic, heraldic intaglio of the Lion of Mycenae framed by golden wirework. Richly adorned by further high-contrast carvings on the sides of the ring, both color and form indicate an impressive presence, as a symbol of one of the richest and most powerful mainland centers of Bronze Age Greece.

Dimensions:  0.5" H  x  0.56" W

Weight:  13.7 g

May be crafted, upon request, with different stones, such as Carnelian. Please inquire.